We bring you the world.

The spirit of Dolce Lucano is one built on a passion for discovering the world’s most exquisite cured meats and cheeses, and sharing them restaurateurs, chefs and connoisseurs of the good life. We have established direct relationships with artisan, small and mid-size producers around the globe, and bring their art and expertise to your kitchen – with a level of customer service befitting the exceptional quality of the producers we represent.

The finest from around the world. For Toronto’s finest restaurants.

Cured Meats

We are fiercely dedicated to sourcing the best possible cured meats for you to enjoy.


We work intimately with every aspect of the supply chain from cheese maker to cheesemonger. We focus on finding best-in-class cheese to represent the great heritage and traditions of cheesemaking.

  • Giacomo Pasquini

    Chef Toronto

    Paola and John truly care about their customers and chefs. Over the last 6 years I have been lucky enough to build a very strong relationship with both of them.

    Dolce Lucano are very serious and knowledgeable about all their products and business and are always open and honest.

    They are very genuine hardworking people and their products reflect this.

    Communication is definitely their strong point. I never question their products and opinion because I trust them. It truly has been delightful to work with Dolce Lucano throughout the years.

  • Anthony Davis

    Trattoria Nervosa - Executive Head Chef

    We have partnered with John and Paola and their team at Dolce Lucano for the quality of their products and their commitment to great customer service.

  • Joe Sala

    Il Postino Ristorante - Executive Head Chef

    Dolce Lucano strives to bring the best of Italy to Toronto.  Passion and excellence are the fundamentals that drive the team at Dolce Lucano, and working with Paola and John is more than just a relationship, but rather a testament to using only the highest quality of Italian products.

  • Rob Rossi

    Giulietta - Executive Chef

    Dolce Lucano has been one of the best sources for Italian products since they opened their doors. When in doubt call Dolce Lucano.

Our Clients

Dolce Lucano imports the most authentic cured meats and cheeses to restaurants all over Toronto and the GTA.


Our Partners

Bella Casara / Finica Food Specialties Ltd / Quality Cheese  / Emma